Taste of Tandoor

At Taste Of Tandoor, we specialize in North Indian cuisine, renowned for its use of aromatic spices, slow-cooked curries, and tandoor-grilled delicacies. Our menu is a treasure trove of North Indian culinary delights, meticulously crafted to cater to every palate. We offer a wide range of options, from vegetarian and vegan dishes to succulent meat and seafood preparations. Whether you crave the fiery kick of a spicy curry or the comfort of creamy vegetarian dishes, we have something for you. Indulge in our signature Chicken Tikka, savor the aromatic notes of our Biryani, or relish the buttery softness of our Naan bread. 

Discover the taste of India at Taste Of Tandoor. Join us in Woodbridge, Virginia, and experience the warm embrace of Indian hospitality combined with the authentic flavors of our cuisine. We can’t wait to serve you. 


Central to our culinary magic is the tandoor, a traditional clay oven that imparts a unique smoky flavor to our dishes. From succulent tandoori meats to freshly baked naan bread, our tandoor is where the alchemy happens. It’s this dedication to authenticity that sets us apart as a haven for food enthusiasts seeking genuine North Indian flavors.